Struggling to get a car due to your poor credit score?

Essence Car Leasing is the leading no credit check vehicle providers in the UK to help individuals lease brand new cars in a three-step process.

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3 Step Process to get your dream car:

1) Send us your 4 forms of ID for simple identity checks

2) Wait for approval (95% acceptance rate)

3) Insure your vehicle and drive away in style

Essence Car Leasing

Leading Leasing Company In The Market

What is Essence Leasing?

We specialize in no credit check leasing, an established company that can source luxury vehicles with an amazing turnover time of 7-10 days.

Choosing us and leasing a vehicle will improve your credit rating/ 95% acceptance rate/ brand new car

What is no credit check car leasing?

Qualifying for any credit card, mortgage, loan or car lease is determined upon something called a credit score. This is a tool used by lenders to decide whether they will lend to you or not. Car leasing is where you pay fixed monthly payments to secure the car of your dreams. At the end of your car leasing contract you have the additional options to decide whether or not you change your car on a separate contract or clear the rest of the debt to securely owning the car.

Not checking my credit history, what is it you look at?

From you landing onto this page shows you have bad credit meaning it would be silly for us to check your credit score. There are simply four checks within a no credit car leasing contract and they are

Evidence it’s you

  1. Bank Statement dated within 3 months
  2. Copy of your driving license
  3. Copy of your utility bills dated within 3 months
  4. DVLA Check Code

I’ve sent all my information what happens now?

Essence Leasing will receive your information and passing it onto our underwriters not affecting your credit score. The financial conduct authority declare that they must carry out certain finance company regulated checks on yourself as an individual. This is after the underwriters have passed you, you will then check to see if you fall in line with the regulations set by the FCA.